Loading 75mm Sherman turret gun

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Loading 75mm Sherman turret gun

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I am researching and writing up my father's diary and following his experiences during the WW2 Italian campaign as part of a family history I am doing over several generations of our family. He was with the NZ 18th Armoured Regiment and was involved in the action leading up to the taking of San Casciano and Florence and then they jumped over to the Adriatic and was in action at Rimini right up to Trieste. He was in a Sherman III - M4A2 (British adapted with diesel engines) and was the loader/radio operator for his tank. They began receiving the 'Firefly' variant only after Rimini about November 1944. My question please is that while in the Sherman III he suffered a very nasty jammed hand early in August '44 while loading which sent him south for 5 weeks to Bari but was OK enough after that to return straight back to active service again. It seems to have been a crush injury. Can anyone explain please how this could happen, ie; what would be the most likely chain of events that would cause an accident like this? I have spoken to others who say that the early Stuarts he was first involved with were a bit liable to this type of injury but that the Sherman III's were quite easy to use and he had been operating them for well over 12 months before the accident and under combat conditions.

Can anyone help please?



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