German Production

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German Production

Postby Ricky » Thu Jun 04, 2015 8:37 am

I was thinking - late in the war (late 1944 and 1945) Germany produced thousands of aircraft, from tried & tested prop-powered designs to new-fangled jets, remarkably few of which ever actually flew. Basically they lacked the fuel and the pilots to use these aircraft.

So I was wondering - is there any way they could have utilised that capacity more usefully?

Now before you start, I doubt anything up to and including nukes could have prevented a German loss by this stage of the war. However it could have been a harder fight.

The two most obvious suggestions that I can see are:

1) to divert the men & materials into something else (either production of vehicles or even just stick the men in the army)

2) stick with the aircraft theme, but produce something useable. More resources to the AA rocket programmes might have yielded something useable. Maybe. Or simply more V1 / V2 weapons flyng about making life that much harder for the Allies.
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