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National WW2 Museum

Postby JCalhoun » Sat Jun 13, 2015 4:06 pm

Just got back from vacation. The wife and I went to New Orleans and while there we went through the WW2 museum. What a totally amazing experience!

The museum covers three buildings over two city blocks. The whole thing a combination or traditional static displays of pictures, vehicles, weaponry, & relics and digitally interactive with video commentary by veterans and celebrities pertaining to specific parts of the war.

There is way too much to take in in one visit.

They give a good discount to current and prior military so the wife and I were able to do the general tour for $28 total. The cheapest thing we went to was the best.

On display:
several Jeeps
2 1/2 Ton truck
Higgins landing craft
3/4 Ton Dodge ambulance
US aircraft tractor
German 88 AA gun on trailer
B-24 nose section
37mm towed AT gun
US half track
Very extensive small arms collection including UK, German and USSR.
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