World War 2 Book Glub Guide

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World War 2 Book Glub Guide

Postby Christian Ankerstjerne » Wed Jan 30, 2008 4:07 pm

World War 2 Book Club Guide
Purpose of the Book Club
The book clubs basic purpose is to get people to read books on a wider variety of books, as well as get feedback on those books from other members. This way, any factual errors in the book can be more easily corrected. This discussion can later be summarised into an actual review, and added to the website.

How the Books Are Chosen
The books in the book club are selected by the members, by popular vote. All books in the book club will follow the criteria below, to allow as many members as possible to participate.
  • The books are easily available. This means that:
    • They are available through both and
    • They do not cost more than EUR 30.
    • They can be found in most libraries, or are available through inter-library loans.
  • It is possible to read the book in a month, when reading a couple of evenings each week (no more than 200 pages of text).
  • As few members as possible should have read the books in advance.
  • Only non-fiction.
Each participating member can nominate two books. For the first poll, five of these are then selected, preferably representing as broad a selection as possible, and the members can cast their vote on the book they'd prefer to read.

In subsequent polls, any books which receive less than one-fifth of the votes will be replaced with new nominations for the poll.

Who Can Participate?
Any member of the forum may participate in the book club and discussion. It is not required that you are especially knowledgeable about the subject at hand - the whole purpose is to get people to learn about something outside their usual scope of study. This can also be a good chance to get feedback on some questions which may arise, from members who may know more about the subject.


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