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Forum Rules

Postby Christian Ankerstjerne » Thu Jan 24, 2008 11:21 pm

Tanks in World War 2 Forum Rules
These guidelines replace all prior forum guidelines as of 2008-01-25. Any questions regarding the guidelines, or other questions regarding the technicalities of the forum, can be sent to the forum management.

1 Forum Participation
1.1 Forum members participate on the forum at the sole discretion of the forum management.

1.2 Forum members are allowed to have one account only, unless explicit, prior permission is given by the forum management to have more than one account.

1.3 By having an account on the forum, forum members agree to follow the guidelines set forth at any time by the forum management.

1.4 Forum members are encouraged, but not required, to state their real name and location in their profile. Forum aliases may be changed by sending a request to one of the administrators.

2 Behaviour
2.1 Forum members are expected to treat other forum members with mutual respect. Discussions may be heated, but regardless of the circumstances, discussions must remain constructive. Under this rule, the following is a non-exhaustive list of unacceptable behaviour:
2.1.1 Name calling and national slurs.
2.1.2 Excessive swearing.
2.1.3 Trolling and baiting.
2.1.4 Arrogance through difference in education, profession, nationality, religious and political persuasion, age, etc.

3 Posting
3.1 In addition to treating forum members respectfully, forum members are expected to post on topical (i.e. historical) matters with a reasonable level of objectivity. Stating ones opinion is fine, but statements should always be backed up with facts.
3.1.1 When quoting something which a forum member has not written themselves, they should always use the QUOTE-button, to distinguish their own contents from that of others. Furthermore, enough information should be given (for books and articles, the title of the book or magazine, and for online sources the address (URL) of the article) for other forum members to be able to check the source.
3.1.2 When posting images not owned by the forum member, the source of the image must be included. The use of images not owned by the forum members should be limited to that which is required by the discussion.

3.2 If a forum member wish to post graphic images (i.e. showing dead or mutilated people or animals, excessive nudity or other elements which would be listed as PG-13 or above if appearing in a movie), the member may not embed the image directly on the forum, but must in stead link to image, with a clear warning describing the contents of the image.

3.3 Illegal material (e.g. child pornography) is not allowed under any circumstances. If posted, the contents will be removed from the open forum, and the proper authorities will receive full disclosure of all member details.

4 Topics
4.1 All topics are allowed on the forum. Because of the sensitivity of some topics, however, certain discussions will be monitored and moderated more strictly than other. These includes, but are not limited to:
  • Threads on current politics.
  • Threads on current military affairs.
  • Threads comparing two or more things (weapons, countries, persons, etc.).

5 Feuds
5.1 It is inevitable that some forum members will disagree, even strongly. The forum management will not tolerate that this descends into actual feuds. This includes on-forum discussion, private messages and e-mails sent through the forum or references to disagreements here on other forums.

5.2 Forum members are free to communicate in any way they wish through other channels than the ones mentioned in 5.1, but are encourages to either try to constructively work things out or cease communication altogether.

5.3 If necessary, the forum management may be approached to act as a mediator between the disagreeing parties, but this should only be used as a last resort.

6 Warnings and Banning
6.1 If a forum member is found to be in violation of the forum guidelines, the forum management will issue an informal warning or a formal warning.
6.1.1 An informal warning is a friendly pointer by the forum management, and will be given directly on the forum.
6.1.2 A formal warning is given in case of more serious guideline violation, and will be given through private message. A formal warning will expire after one year. Users with formal warnings will not be able to edit their own posts.

6.2 If a forum member has received two formal warnings, but still continue to break the guidelines, the forum management can ban the forum member.
6.2.1 Banning can be time limited or permanent, depending on the severity of the violation.
6.2.2 If banned permanently, the forum member may request re-admission after three months. The forum management will evaluate each case, based on the severity of the offence, the members previous history and the sincerity of the request.
6.2.3 Under special circumstances, the forum management may decide to ban a member without previous warnings.
6.2.4 The forum member in question will always be notified of the reason of the ban, a short message will be posted on the forum and the member will be listed as banned under the member's forum alias.

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